Sunfire Samoyeds – Pictures

Herding –

Most Samoyeds retain an instinct to herd sheep and other animals. Their history as herders goes back to their origin with the Samoyede people, where they not only pulled the sledge loaded with supplies, but also herded reindeer. 

Herding Samoyeds











Dog Therapy Work –

Patti and Boris and two other handlers began the dog therapy program at a local hospital. Patti and Kara are still volunteering at the hospital.  Dog therapy visits with hospitalized patients allows patient relaxation, distraction from pain or serious diagnostic information, and pleasant recall of past dogs and loving experiences. It takes their mind off the hospital experience.

Kasey & Maggie at the Library
Kasey & Maggie at the Library, with Patti and Michael

Natasha and Sagan


Pack Hikes – Scootering - Sledding

Pack hikes are a great way to spend time with your Sam in the great outdoors, especially if you have some picturesque scenery to walk along. Parks are perfect.  Five miles (or more) distance and a pack filled with 1/4 of the dog's weight earn points toward a Working Samoyed title - and its fun. Below are pictures of a pack hike, Michael scootering and sledding and Boris at Lake Tahoe pulling a 50 lb. weight (bag of salt) on a short 'sled' wearing his booties for great conditioning. He looks pretty good at the end of his trail as we call him to us.


Ellie, Patti and Maggie  Scootering   Kasey & Misty pulling Michael Boris in the Snow


Go on line for more information at the Samoyed Club of America website, ( and look under Showing and Performance, Working Program.
 A complete explanation, forms, points, and you can be on your way to putting a title on your dog!






Am/Int CH. Firecloud’s Heaven Forbid,WSX,CGC,TDI,HCT “Boris”
 He took
BEST WORKING SAMOYED at the 2001 Samoyed Club of America national competition in Colorado.


Boris is out of Am/Mex CH Elmfield’s Applause,UD,CGC,TDI “Bravo” (owned by Gail Sheridan, Bravo Samoyeds)


Am/Int CH Firecloud’s In Seventh Heaven, ROMC,CGC,HIC “Angel” (owned by Tami & Jim Lynch, Firecloud Samoyeds)


Boris has passed over the rainbow bridge, but thanks to frozen semen breeding started by us, and finished by Tami Lynch, a
successful breeding of two puppies occurred for Firecloud Samoyeds out of Boris in 2017. Congratulations!















Dog shows compare the individual dog to the breed standard (what a Samoyed should look like) provided by the parent club.

Below CH. Firecloud’s Heavenly Stargazer, CGC,TDI,HIC “Sagan” shown taking BEST OF BREED from the classes.


Sagan and Ellie produced two champions (pictured below)

CH Firecloud's Sunfire Phoenix -"Neo"

CH Sunfire's Amethyst Stardust,

Dante and Ellie produced these two show girls (pictured below)

Ch. Firecloud's Devil 'N The Deep Blu C -"Lucy"
handled by owner Tami Lynch.

Sunfire's Nordic Star,CGC -"Keyush" is shown with
handler Joanne Reed earning championship points.

Kasey wins Best of Breed from the classes
GCH Lhotse's Sunfire on Kara Sea, CGC "Kasey"
Kasey goes Best of Breed from the classes at 10 months of age.
Kasey achieved his championship at 14 months of age

GCH Mystiwind's Sunfire 'N Ice "Misty"
handled by Jean Gauchat-Hargis

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