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Patti and Michael Emmett
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We have lived with and loved Samoyeds since 1978. We were introduced to dog shows in 1993 when we acquired our first show Samoyed from Tami Lynch of Firecloud Samoyeds. An interest in conformation (dog shows) and working events (pack hikes, dog therapy, sheep herding, and fun in snow pulling heavy things) quickly followed. Occasionally, we plan a breeding and can offer puppies. (If you are interested in puppies, please see that section of the website. If we do not have puppies, we try to refer you to other breeders near your area). We always offer information and support about this wonderful breed, as well as rescue referral. Our Sams

         Del Monte Kennel Club
  All-breed dog club, Monterey, CA

         Samoyed Club of America
     National Samoyed parent club, Health Liaisons

         Barbary Coast Samoyed Club, Inc
      CA Samoyed club

         American Kennel Club
      Canine Good Citizen (CGC & CGCA) Evaluators

         Organization Of The Working Samoyed

                                                                                                           Shown at home relaxing in the shade are L-Maggie, C-Kasey and R-Misty

It is out goal to place healthy puppies into happy, safe homes. Our philosophy on breeding litters is to breed infrequently and when we do, with a plan and a reason to match tow wonderful Samoyeds who can contribute to the breed. We show our dogs and also encourage participation in performance opportunities with these wonderful dogs. And most important, we just love our dogs. They are companions along the journey of our lives. And yes, they take time, cost money, and all the other things. So think it through carefully before getting this breed, or any breed of dog. Sams don't tolerate being ignored, but they do love just hanging out with their family.

Sunfire Samoyed Puppies - Due Early June, 2017

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